Business Examples Of Vision

I have found a few examples of vision statements for businesses.

The first inspired Henry Ford

“I’m going to democratize the automobile, when I’m through, everybody will be able to afford one, and about everyone will have one”

In the early 20th century, Ford’s vision was very ambitious but we know how it turned out.

It’s the same story with the next… one entrepreneur saw the world differently from others and created something extraordinary.

“A computer on every desk and in every home, all running Microsoft software.” Said Bill Gates

Microsoft is a marvel… even if the software is bloated and unreliable… for a long time it has held a 90% market share for operating systems.

The next company has also been remarkably successful

Amazon say

“Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

And keep setting standards for ecommerce websites.

The final one is from a CEO I talk about in Pillar 6 when we look at customer service and retention.

“The preferred airline of the business traveler” Jan Carlzon Scandinavian Airline System

This doesn’t have the visionary quality of Henry Ford or Bill Gates but it is short, simple and easy for staff to understand and very clearly specifies the targeted customers.

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