Clarify The Offer – Handle Objections

The buying decision is based on two key questions
Do I want to solve this problem or take advantage of this opportunity now?
Is this the right solution for me or are there better alternatives I can find quickly?
Feedback on proposal
Objections are how the buyer puts you to the test – disguised questions or genuine problem / misperception

Common Objections

Good process and a strong offer to a qualified buyer ready to buy – misunderstandings
List the common objections and identify your counter so you are prepared – be confident and remember this is a test
A lower price is always better – Hidden Profit module on negotiation – price is relative to value
Beware the unspoken objection
Damaging admission in presentation/qualifying

Damaging Admission

No product is perfect
Identify the flaws to stop your prospect looking for the hidden catch
It puts you in control of the conversation rather than reacting nervously to a probing objection
Makes other things you say more credible
Cleveland State University experiment – resumes and reference “Sometimes, John can be a little difficult to get along with”
“Reason why” there is such a great deal

List of Common Objections

The price is too high (value for money issue)
I can’t afford it (no budget)
We don’t need it at the moment
I don’t believe it works
We already have a solution
I need to think it over
I need to check with my boss / get approval
We tried you before and weren’t happy
It’s not the right size, quality, colour…

How To Handle Objections

Listen – no interruptions – concerns important
Acknowledge and turn it into a question to clarify
Isolate the objection – “Is that the only reason that is stopping you from saying yes?”
Answer it – feel, felt, found
“I understand how you feel and other customers have told me they felt the same way but what they found when they used our product was…” – back up with testimonials

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