Double Your Profit

My aim in Your Profit Club is to help you to double your profit in the next eight to twelve months.

The information is here but I need to explain to you how to get the best from it.

Unfortunately there is no magic pill and it will need you to take action and challenge some of your existing beliefs about your business, business in general and yourself. If it was easy, you’d have already done it.

Step 1 Do The Business Assessment

If you skipped over it, you can get your copy of the Business Assessment and then fill it in.

It includes an assessment against my business development model – the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity.

Step 2 Review Your Ratings

There are four ways to use Your Profit Club.

The first is to start at the beginning with Pillar 1 and aim to complete each in four to six weeks, doing the exercises and practical actions each week. As you do a Pillar, I’d also like you to do the corresponding Hidden Profit module.

The second way is to identify your biggest constraint – perhaps generating leads from prospective customers – and do Pillar 4 first.

That way the process fits in with where you need the most help. The one downside is that it may lead you down a few blind alleys if you’re not clear on what you want to build (Pillar 2),  if you are uncertain where you get your best profit (Pillar 1) or if your market is tough and your marketing message unclear (Pillar 3).

The third way is to dive into the Hidden Profit modules – these are quick fixes for profit and will be what you need if you have an urgent need for profit and cash. Pick the one which you think gives you the maximum potential and do that first. Then come back to methods one or two when things are more stable.

The fourth way is to throw away the systematic approach and just dip into Your Profit Club as and when you want. It’s not the best way but if you are an independent thinker who fights against systems, the information in Your Profit Club remains top notch.

Step 3 Small Regular Changes Create Big Results

Occasionally you will try something and it scores big but more often it is the cumulative effect of lots of small changes.

You’ve probably seen how compound interest can make debts grow quickly and you should learn to use the rule of compounding to your benefit.

The rule of 78 gives you a simple way to work out the impact of compounding.

Just divide the rate of increase into 78 and you get the number of periods it will take.

Increase profit by 1% per week and it will take 78 weeks to double your profit.

Increase profit by 2% per week and you double profits in only 39 weeks.

Increase profit by 10% each month, and you double profit in 8 months.

I’m sure you get the idea.

If you don’t do anything with the information for three months, then nothing happens.

That’s why it is important each week to set yourself a SMART business development goal each week and commit to doing it.

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