Funnel The Best Ideas To Steal

Your Profit Club is packed with how to guides and information to help you to double your profit.

It will also increasingly feature examples of the way the ideas are used in different types of businesses.

You can help  yourself by opening your eyes and seeing what’s happening around you and stealing and adapting the best ideas.

Tunnel Vision or Funnel Vision

Marketing genius Jay Abraham uses the analogy of tunnel vision and funnel vision to explain this point.

If you’re a consultant, you may pay attention to what other consultants do to promote their business but ignore lessons outside your industry.

If you own a bakery store, you may pay close attention to the other bakers in town and ignore lessons from other retailers.

There’s a tendency to focus so much, you miss the business lessons that are happening around you, every single day.

The idea is that you open up the tunnel to create a funnel, see the ideas and ask

“Could this work in my business?

“How do I make this idea work in my business?”

You’ll see the good, bad and ugly.

If an advertisement attracts your attention in the newspaper, ask yourself why. Then why you did… or more often didn’t… rush to take action.

If a telemarketer calls you, how did they try to engage you? Why didn’t you respond to the opening “Do you want to earn more money” question? Or if you were engaged, then how did they capture your attention?

If you get an email that causes you to unsubscribe, what was it that caused the reaction? I discovered yesterday that one of my autoresponder emails was responsible for 30% of my unsubscribes – I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve changed the email.

If you are asked for a testimonial or to give referrals, is there something you can learn from the process to make it easier for you to ask for testimonials and referrals?

If you’re in McDonalds and you get offered fries, can you see how easy it is to get staff to offer an upsell or cross-sell?

There is a lot to learn if you see it but you need to be open.

States of Awareness

Most people stumble around in a zombie like state unaware of what’s happening around them, or even to them.

Confession time – I’m certainly guilty of this at times, either in terms of daydreaming and flights of fantasy or focused concentration on a problem or opportunity.  Just about anything could happen around me and I wouldn’t notice.

Four States Of Awareness

This comes from work done in the military and self defence fields but it still remains very valid for business.

  • White – unaware, oblivious and preoccupied
  • Yellow – relaxed state of general awareness. There’s nothing to focus your attention on but you know what’s happening around you.
  • Orange – you’re alert and focused on a particular issue
  • Red – you’re ready to fight

For more information, read Wikipedia James Cooper, Combat Mindset and the Cooper Color Code

In a business context, if you’re in a White state, you won’t notice the snazzy technique used in the coffee bar to encourage you to buy one of the delicious cakes. You’ll just buy it, eat it and worry about the calories later.

If you’re in a Yellow state, you’ll see the loaded question “Would you like to try one of our freshly baked scones with jam and cream or today’s special the cinnamon apple Danish?”

You may say yes or no but as you find your seat, you’ll notice how many others bought the tasty treats around you.

Then you’ll move into the Orange state as you watch the process happen again and again. What is it that the server says and why is it so persuasive? What happens if someone says no?

Once you’ve got their process buttoned, you’ll then think of ways you can use the same idea in your business.

Hopefully you won’t have to get into the Red state and fight… unless someone threatens to steal your cinnamon apple Danish before you’ve eaten it.

But if you stay in the white state, you’ve missed a valuable business lesson.

And these lessons happen all around you, every day.

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