Primary Aim and Strategic Objective

I recommend my personal clients read The E Myth Revisited and in particular I want them to read two chapters.

In my edition it’s Chapter 12 on Your Primary Aim and Chapter 13 on Your Strategic Objective.

These two chapters woke me up about this work / life balance issue and the amazing power you have as a business owner… if you decide to use it.

As an entrepreneur you have the chance to design your business around what you want… and make sure the boss and servant relationship is the right way around.

This is your chance to decide what you want to give to your business and what you want to take from your business.

Michael Gerber says your Primary Aim is what you want from your life and the Strategic Objective is what you want from your business to support your Primary Aim.

The purpose is to start living intentionally and not just letting life be something that happens to you.

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