Public Relations & Press Releases

Free – bridge from past to future success
Builds brand awareness
Credibility – unbiased solution to problem
Create your own good story
Get to know local/niche media contacts
Hungry for stories – link to news – hook
Make their job easier with opinions, facts
About the readers – entertain or educate
Website as company name or offer

Reasons To Write A Press Release

Strong link to hot news – local angle
Anniversaries or major milestones
New product, service, branch, appointment
Awards, achievements, special recognition
Promote special event or celebrity link
Charity or community involvement
Campaigns against threats & trends
Survey results
Be a credible contrarian

How To Write A Press Release

One page – one story – want to know more
Proper format – or you risk immediate rejection
For release (immediate) (date)
Contact information
Headline – grab attention
Date & location
First paragraph – concise summary
Story & call to action – available for interviews
Boilerplate information
End # # #

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