Step 4 Propose the Solution

You asked about problems – and you resisted jumping in with the solutions
You investigated the pain of the problem and desired gain of the solution
Key Question – Are they at the “ready stage” in the buying cycle?
The task now is to propose your solution and show & prove you have the answers.

How To Propose

Match features, advantages & benefits to their criteria and issues
Features – true descriptive factors
Advantage – generic “good” of the feature
Benefit – how the advantage becomes a relevant  gain for the buyer
Keep them involved – yes tags, trial closes (make sense), demos, handle & try the product
Stories, testimonials, case studies – proof

Value For Money Graph – The Search Zone

Influencing Your Value For Money

Increasing your perceived value
Value fairly reflected & recognised
Adding criteria – stand alone
Educating on importance of criteria
Bonuses for quick decisions
Reducing your perceived price
Not cutting price but correct misconceptions
Increasing willingness to pay – educate
Upsells based on better fit with wants & needs

Help Your Customer Win The Financial Battle

How much? Establish value before you quote a firm price – range depending on exact needs
If possible put the price into perspective
Compare to gain or pain
Minimise the price – a cup of coffee per day
Alternative solutions
The money – how much, how quick, how sure
Get the customer involved in calculating ROI
Use and show calculator for numbers

Two specialised presentation issues are dealt with separately.

Sales Presentations to Groups of People

Written Proposals

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