Step 6 Closing The Sale

A poor sales process makes the close a traumatic process but it should be a natural part of the process – the logical conclusion.
Use test closes to make sure the buyer stays with you during your discussions
Sum up – pain to gain offer – ask for commitment
Ask again after you have answered an objection
If necessary learn and practice closing techniques – buying takes the problem away

Closing Techniques

Assumptive close – what happens after they buy
Alternative choice close – Monday or Tuesday?
Order form authorisation close – fill in for signing
Invitation close – why don’t you give it a try?
Benjamin Franklin – For vs Against
Conditional close – make purchase a condition of solving a problem – if … then will you …
Takeaway close – this is your only chance
Puppy dog close – take home for the weekend

Buying Signals

Positive or negative – subtle ways to say YES
Words – need, problem, now, urgent
Questions about the buying process, payment, delivery & service, 2nd deals
Positive body language – leaning towards, picking up proposal, brochure or product
The way product is referred to -“your, the, our”
Asking someone else’s opinion – even yours
Facial coding reveals emotional state

Coping With Rejection

Not nice but inevitable Numbers game No > Yes
Sooner you try again, closer you are to next Yes
Don’t take it personally
Strong ego – see No is a temporary setback
Reflect & learn – where could the sale go better?
Sometimes a No is best and can be a relief
Learn ways to change your emotion – sleep, exercise, body language, affirmations, focus on your successes, gratitude for good
Can you laugh at it? Turn it into a funny story.

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