The Simister 8 Step Sales Process

The is a generic process built up from all the sales systems that I’ve looked at and use when I meet customers.

It is based on a consultative or relationship selling style – your role is helping the customer to find the best solution so they have every reason to keep buying from you.

Remember the Zig Ziglar quote?

“The most important thing is not which system you use. The most important thing is you have a system!”

Getting in front of the customer is not the time for a casual chat. You’re there to do a job – to find out if you can help solve the problem, present your solution and get the money.

Take what you can use from my 8 step system and hone it into your selling system so that everything you do is easy and natural.

There is no one best selling system.

Knowing that I urge you to try a few out and see how they feel and fit your personality, style and sales situations. Keep refining your system in what you feel is the weakest area.

  1. Qualify the lead
  2. Build rapport
  3. Investigate needs
  4. Propose the solution
  5. Clarify the offer/handle objections
  6. Close/contract…even “open the relationship”
  7. Follow up
  8. Get Paid
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