Website Traffic Generation

Once you have a website, you realise that no one will see all the fancy things you’ve done unless you can generate traffic.

There are only a five ways to generate traffic:

  1. Get it from the search engines through Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click.
  2. Get it from other websites through recommendations, other links, banner ads and pay per click from the content network (Google Adsense)
  3. Send traffic to your website through outreach marketing – sales letters, newspaper advertising, emails etc
  4. Persuading others to send traffic to your website through their outreach marketing through joint ventures and affiliate marketing.
  5. Creating such new and exciting content that your readers bookmark/favourite your website and visit regularly – think of news websites and your favourite controversial blogs.

I’ll be sharing much more about these traffic generation techniques as Your Profit Club develops.

When you’ve got a website and some traffic, the issue then becomes, how do you convert that traffic into action, either to buy or to join your email list.

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