Win / Loss Analysis

Feedback on your lead conversion process
Why you won & why you didn’t win
Success is internalised, failure externalised
Buy (from you or competitor), delay or not buy
What were the main purchase criteria
How you were perceived
How competitors were perceived
Other factors that affected the decision

Who Should Do Win/Loss Analysis

Salesperson – personally involved, buyer may be reluctant to say truth (confrontation, opening up sale again)
External assessor – independent & objective but may miss clues unless knowledgeable of trade
Another employee – may be point scoring against individual but has the knowledge
The boss – shows serious commitment, time pressures

Customer Buying Experience Perceptions

Company – brand, image, reputation
Product/service – what is being bought – attributes & features, benefits & consequences
Service around the product – e.g. answering telephone, broken promises
Salesperson – conduct, approach, professionalism
Why buy from someone else?

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