Your Accountability Partner

You are getting my coaching system to developing a more successful business at an amazing price.

What you are not getting is the one-to-one accountability of working with a coach.

The closest thing I can do is recommending that you use the Forum to find one or two people who will work with you as Accountability Partners.

I experienced this before when I’ve taken courses and it works great. You can share ideas and feedback and hold each other accountable for setting and achieving goals.

Go to the Forum and post an entry telling us a little about yourself and ask for an accountability partner:

  • It may be somebody who does the same as you, but in a different area. You don’t want to be competing too closely.
  • It may be someone who works in a similar but not the same – for example a lawyer might team up with an accountant or a life coach with a business coach, or a steel fabrication business with a plastic injection moulding business.
  • It may be a potential customer-supplier situation as each has insights into the trade to help the other.
  • It may be based on time zones – it’s much easier working with someone when you both find the time convenient.

Hopefully there will be someone in Your Profit Club who can work with you on a give-and-take basis.

How To Meet With Your Accountability Partner

If someone advertises their interest, follow up and exchange details.

Then get on the telephone or Skype

You may even want to create your own little Google Group – and especially if you have a group of three – but keep the settings as private to keep out prying eyes.

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