Your Business Assessment

I’d like you to use the same approach as I use with my one-to-one coaching prospects and that it is to complete your Business Assessment

  • What you want to achieve
  • Where the strengths and weaknesses of your business are in relation to my Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity
  • What actions you are taking to achieve it – and in particular what you are doing to attract customers
  • How well things are going
  • What you want to change

It is a process which works very well and I get very positive feedback.

It acts the kind of questions you know you should be asking about your business but… you’ve problem been putting off asking them.

Download the Business Assessment (Word document).


If you complete it and email it back to me, I will select some to give you personal feedback on what you’ve written.

I can’t promise to do every Business Assessment because it depends on how many I get sent. I promise to read every single one and you can influence what I write about.

There are some huge benefits to sending it, even if you don’t get the feedback.

On your own, you may not do it or you may do it in a quick “form filling” way and miss the opportunity to get clear on your issues.

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