Your Way To Create Change

Your way to create change is by using Gleicher’s Formula For Change to check for anything that will hold you back and as a way for you to put more energy into your change process.

I liked this equation for assessing whether change as soon as I saw it.

You can use it for your own personal change, change within the business affecting others and even with customers in selling situations.  

  • If D x V x F > R change will occur
  • D = dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • V = vision of the future
  • F = first steps towards the vision
  • R = resistance (economic and psychological costs of change)
  • If D, V or F are missing or very low, change won’t happen

A Few Examples

Your Membership of Your Profit Club

There’s nothing like cutting to the chase.

If your business is fine, you won’t feel any pressure to change so dissatisfaction with the status quo is low.

However if things are not so good, you will feel pressure to change. In Pillar 1 in How Much Profit Should You Make, I gave you a technique to compare the effort you put into your business compared to what you get out.

If you don’t have a vision of the future, you won’t have anything to work towards. You are back to seeing many options and alternatives and none of them lit up with neon lights saying “This way”.

That’s why there was so much in Your Work Life Balance in Pillar 2 about creating your personal and business visions and missions.

The first steps to your vision are laid out in the Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity. It is a step-by-step system whether you go through in order or whether you choose to focus on your biggest constraint.

So D x V x F should all be positive if you are following the system.

What about your Resistance (R), the economic and psychological costs of change?

You’ve made the financial commitment to buy membership into Your Profit Club which is great and my focus is on helping you to re-direct your time, energy and money to more productive areas.

That leaves the emotional and psychological costs of change which are covered in Your Mindset, again in Pillar 2.

Your New Car

Imagine you have a temperamental car.

It might be a bit old or it could be quite new and unreliable.

It breaks down again and you’re unhappy. You’re not happy with the status quo.

But you look around at the new cars and none of them seem to appeal. Boxes on four wheels with little character.

You don’t have a vision of driving around in something else and until you do, you’re not likely to buy a new car.

Or what if you know what you want and you know how to get a new car but you’re strapped for cash at the moment. It’s either the new car or the family holiday. You can’t afford both and you don’t want to disappoint your kids. The new car goes on hold.

Using Gleicher’s Formula In Sales

I think the formula translates nicely to the sales situation.

If your prospective buyer is not particularly concerned with the current situation, he won’t shift unless you can get him to challenge his status quo or get him excited about the benefits of a new solution but without over-the-top hype.

It also helps to explain why a confused buyer doesn’t move. yes the pain of the present situation may be there combined with the promise of a big gain in the future, but if the buyer’s unsure how to get approval from a higher authority – or thinks it will be rejected – the sale is stalled.

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