New Beliefs About Money

  • Recognise & throw away the old beliefs and create new positive beliefs with affirmations
  • The reward for creating value through innovation
  • See money as a tool – used how you decide
  • See the good money can do for you, family, friends, employees and society
  • Pressure to “give back” but entrepreneurs already give – customers, employees, suppliers
  • Beware – negative people who suck you down
  • Average income based on the average of the five people you spend most time with?

This is going to take some effort.

I want you to recognise when you meet one of the damaging, self-limiting beliefs about money.

To see it in what you say and think and what you hear from others.

Then reject the idea.

Imagine it’s on an bit of paper which you screw up and throw away.

But you have to go further.

You have to create positive beliefs about money by creating affirmations – thoughts that you will repeat to yourself until you believe them.

As a business owner you earn money by creating value for people. It’s the essence of a transaction – an exchange where each party gets something they want in return for giving up what they’ve already got.

Imagine you’ve got wine – lots of it – but you want bread.

You meet a baker – with lots of bread and the ability to get more – who wants wine.

So you reach a deal to swap.

Each of you now has bread and wine and you’re both better off.

A business transaction is no different, except that it uses money as a convenient store of value.

As you meet a cheese-maker and make another swap, you again create value both for yourself and the other person.

The more deals you make, the more you make the world a better place.

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, you create more value by innovating.

You know people can get wine from you, bread from the baker and cheese from the cheese baker but it takes time and effort.

What if you could give people a cheese roll with a glass of wine? It would be a complete solution to their “what to eat and drink at lunchtime” problem and in return they give you money.

It’s a very simple example but sometimes it’s best to go back to basics.

Money is just a tool.

An easy way to store wealth which gives you the ability to get other things you want.

Money is neutral. Neither good or evil.

It’s up to you to choose how you use it.

It’s one of the reasons why we go through your Personal Success Vision before we look at your Business Vision and Mission.

It gives you the chance to decide what life you want for you, your husband, wife or partner and any children so you make your money with a strong purpose in mind.

Money can also be used for the good of society – through your taxes and your individual spending choices you make – together with making a huge difference to the less fortunate people through charities and good causes.

Sometimes these are justified as a way for successful entrepreneurs to give back to the society which has made them wealthy.

Banish this thought from your head.

It is nonsense.

“Giving back” is an example of a thought sustaining a negative belief about money. It implies that you should give back because you’ve taken more than your fair share.


In a free society, every transaction happens because each party believes they will be better off by doing it compared to not doing it.

There’s no gun to the head, even if some marketing does exaggerate the benefits.

As a successful business owner, you are enhancing:

  • The lives of your customers – who are receiving a valuable product or service at a fair price.
  • The lives of your suppliers – who make a profit on what they sell to you
  • The lives of your employees – who have a secure job precisely because you are successful

This isn’t a flattering spin and I can prove it.

You just have to look at who loses when a business fails.

The owner, the employees, the government from lower taxes, suppliers from less profits and the bad debt of not being paid and the customers if you’re providing something unique.

One last point on keeping your new beliefs about money.

The attitude of the people you mix with has a tremendous difference on your own attitude.

Mix with negative people and you will feel negative.

Mix with positive people and you’ll feel more positive.

Just think about your friends and how they make you feel.

If you have someone really toxic in your life, someone who undermines your progress and confidence, you have a big decision to make – to either try to convert them to be a more positive influence or to cut them out.

Converting is tough although it may not be the person but their situation which is dragging them down… and dragging you down by association.

The people you spend the majority of your time with have a huge influence. It’s said that your income will be the average of the five people you see most of.

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