Video Marketing

Video Marketing

  • Different ways to take in information – Read, Hear, Watch
  • “80% of web users have watched a video ad online – 31% visited the advertisers Web site and 22% searched for more information about the product.” (Source Yellow Pages)
  • “80% of web users have watched a video ad online – 16% talked to friends/family about the product and 9% forwarded the video ad to friends/family.” (Yellow Pages)

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Death Of The Sales Letter

  • Michael Fortin – a top copywriter
    Move away from one-way static communication to a two-way dynamic conversation
    People want to connect and feel they know you
    Infomercials have moved to the web – but one click & they are gone
    Videos can engage and tell your story in a way a static web sales letter can’t.
    Samplification – a chance to try

Video Marketing Tips

  • Great content – useful & interesting
  • Short – Jim Edwards survey 53% want less than 4 minutes
  • Good title – think headlines
  • Talking head vs screen capture (Camtasia)
  • Post to YouTube etc – SEO keywords and it may go viral.
  • Quality sound
  • Course – Screencast Profits
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