Spike Humer: Back From the Brink

You’re going to love this interview I did with Spike Humer called “Back From The Brink: Tips To Turn Your Business Around”.

Spike is founder and CEO of Spike Humer INC

For the last twenty five years, Spike has been creating innovative growth strategies for entrepreneurs, small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations.

He is the co-author of the book “The 10 Day Turnaround for Business – How To Transform Your Business Virtually Overnight.”

I first came into contact with Spike through my addiction to Jay Abraham, where Spike has been co-creator and co-presenter of many of Jay’s programs since 2005.

According to Jay, Spike is probably the finest business performance enhancement specialist he’s ever met and an utter master at finding underperforming leveraging spots that are keeping your business from soaring.

I structured my interview with Spike around a stages of decline model from two academics, William Weitzel and Ellen Jonsson.

The idea is that decline can be reversed at any stage but if the turnaround opportunity is lost, the business moves to the next stage.

Stage 1 – Managers are blind to the problems building up in and around the business

Stage 2 – A period of inaction after they recognise there is a problem while they make their assessment of what, if anything, to do

Stage 3 – The faulty action stage – it’s what happens if managers make the wrong diagnosis of the problem, and treat symptoms and not root causes

Stage 4 – Crisis – actions in the next few weeks will make or break the business.

Stage 5 – The end… Dissolution and the collapse of the business.

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