Troy White Email Subject Lines

Troy White is a successful copywriter who regularly contributes to the Clayton Makepeace blog.

I liked what he wrote so much, I went looking for his own website and signed up.

Here are his email subject lines

From June 2010

Lead generation gone bad… and a simple fix
Great recording just posted and a Calgary Writing class coming
7 critical email marketing rules
Referral marketing – free recording just posted for you
50 years of marketing success, all bottled up
Proof: fact selling vs story selling… Carnegie Mellon research results
15 time tested tips for mastering your writing
Spooky success with the 31k club
What if you got all this done in 31 days
How many times would you invest $1 to get $18 back?
You asked for it … you got it… free training call tomorrowFree call tonight (rarely discussed tool of successful entrepreneurs)
Free call tonight (rarely discussed tool of successful entrepreneurs)
Lead generation and conversion (for the little guys)
FREE Story Selling Tele-Class
I’ll be clutching it in my cold, lifeless hands as they lower me
The cure for yellow belly and lagging sales
16 steps to a lead generation magnet (and one short cut)
My Tae Kwon Do Black Belt and the Zen of Success

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