Bronze Bonus

The reports that were originally offered to encourage you to join Your Profit Club are no longer available.

Plus your unadvertised bonus reports

During The Prelaunch

During my prelaunch I am also giving bronze members temporary access to the following extra bonuses

Get More Customer Referrals – sample content for one of my Hidden Profit modules (not a pdf)

How To Get To The Top Of The First Page in Google – sample content of Your Profit Club (not a pdf).

Interviews with Experts

I am interviewing a series of experts and some of these will be made available in full for Bronze members. To keep up-to-date with what’s available please see the forum Bonuses & Extra Interviews

So far you have:

Follow Up Marketing – mp3 interview with professional services marketing expert Ian Brodie.

Core Marketing – Lee Duncan and I discuss how you can learn a lot about marketing through fishing.

Intellectual Property Rights – Lauren V. Perez reminds me of how little I know about this essential area where you may have your rights infringed or accidentally infringe others’ intellectual property.

Attract Your Niche – Cindy Schulson and I talk about why it’s important to find your niche.

Please Help Me Make This A Success

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13 Responses to “Bronze Bonus”

  1. Marvin Sutherland Reply 16. Jun, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    I tried to download the reports by save as.. but I when I click on the downloaded file, it opens in an Quick Time Playe window with one page (Apple).

    Whta anm I doing wrong?

    Marvin Sutherland

  2. Marvin

    You’ve got me puzzled.

    These are pdf reports – do you have Adobe reader installed on your PC. The link is above.

    I have just tried and succeeded to download all these reports and didn’t have any problem in Windows with right click and Save As.

    If they have downloaded, then it sounds to me as if your PC thinks pdf files should be opened with Quick Time Player.

    You need to use Adobe Reader or another pdf reader.

  3. Marvin Sutherland Reply 12. Jul, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

    There was some software problem with my Mac; bij using the newest version of Adobe Reader, i fixe the problem.

    Thanks for your inspiring info

    Warm regards


  4. Thanks for confirming that you’re now getting everything Marvin.


  5. The materials are priceless, thank you. moses

  6. Hi Paul,

    I have been able to downloaded all the files except “Get More Customer Referrals”. When I right click on that link, it saves as a HTML Link. can you please help?


  7. Get More Referrals is part of the content of Your Profit Club as a sample of the information available to you when you upgrade.

    As such it is not a pdf – my advice is to save it as html or to print it off.

  8. hi sir
    how to win profitable customers away from competitors is not open how to get this information thank you for all support

  9. Thank you for this wealth of information that is shared here.

  10. Very generous. Thank you.

  11. Hi Paul,
    I’m just having difficulty finding the two reports you referred to in your email to me last night (copied below) – I’d love to see them.
    Many thanks,

    On Monday I told you about my new idea for Vanishing Reports.

    These will be things that you can get from Your Profit Club if you act quickly but if you delay, you miss the chance.

    There are two reports

    How To Make Customers Adore You


    Measuring Customer Satisfaction

  12. Paul,

    Am in Vietnam, sales manager of B2B markets. Thanks for your files (just successfully downloaded)

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