Silver Bonus

I owe a huge thank you to these very well known business experts giving me their time or products as bonuses for Silver members of Your Profit Club:

Selling Skills for Reluctant Sales People – mp3 interview with Mitch Axelrod (this is terrific and could change the way you think about selling forever)

Instant Expert with Rich Schefren – mp3 presentation and Q&A of Rich Schefren explaining how you can quickly establish expert status in your market place. Rich Schefren is known as the guru to the Internet marketing gurus and he has helped them rise to preeminence.

Mark Joyner interviews Kevin Hogan – mp3 interview between these two persuasion experts on the subtle persuasion of  Conformity to Group Norms.

Jay Conrad Levinson – mp3 interview and transcript on “Guerrilla Marketing Explained”

Scott Hallman on 16 Referral Mistakes – if you’re not getting the success you should from customer referrals, you’re probably making at least one of the referral mistakes in this mp3 presentation and possibly many more.

Joe Polish interviews Joe Sugarman – Joe Sugarman’s book “Triggers” is one of the best marketing and sales books and in this mp3 Joe Polish finds out more.

Rob Warlow on Bank Loans – a great mp3 interview with the author of “Loan Sharp: Get The Business Finance You Deserve” on how to get money from a bank.

Paul Lemberg – I interview the original business coach on the entrepreneur’s mindset and personal productivity.

Glenn Livingston – discover how to attract hyper responsive customers with pay per click advertising in this interview.

Peter Thomson – any type of business can learn to use information products for lead generation in this interview.

Michael Port – we discuss the ideas of having a red velvet rope policy to help you to attract your perfect customers and clients.

Spike Humer – you must listen to this interview if your business performance needs a turnaround as Spike gives advice on what to do when the going gets tough.

John Carlton – 80 minutes of video of the legendary copywriter presenting his ideas to a small group.

You also get access to the Bronze member bonuses

Follow Up Marketing – mp3 interview with professional services marketing expert Ian Brodie.

Core Marketing – Lee Duncan and I discuss how you can learn a lot about marketing through fishing.

Intellectual Property Rights – Lauren V. Perez reminds me of how little I know about this essential area where you may have your rights infringed or accidentally infringe others’ intellectual property.

Attract Your Niche – Cindy Schulson and I talk about why it’s important to find your niche.

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