Eight Pillars

The Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity is my business development system that provides structure to everything you do in your business and to help you to move past the profit tipping point.

The structure is simple to understand and is based on helping you to:

Move from where you are

  • Pillar 1 – Your Key Numbers – why m0nitoring performance is essential if you want to manage for profit and how to find the few key numbers and measures that really matter.

To where you want to be

  • Pillar 2 – Your Inner Game and how you can move from your vision through goals and priorities into how you management your time each day.

With changes in the outside world:

And changes internally in your business:

How To Use The Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity In Your Business

Basically you have three options:

The first is to start at Pillar 1 and to work through each Pillar in turn. The system is logical and each Pillar builds on the previous ones.

The second is to recognise that you need results fast and that you will get your biggest gains by working on the area which is holding you back the most.

The third is to dip into Your Profit Club on an “as and when needed” basis. It’s not the approach I’d recommend but if you want to use it as a resource to great information rather than a system, either:

  • Try the lucky dip – I will be highly individual profit targets and you can select which ever appeals to you at the time.
  • To search the website for the topic you need and see what comes up.

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