Pillar 4 Your Lead Generation

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P4M1 Introduction to Lead Generation

P4M2 Why Marketing Is So Difficult

P4M3 Your Marketing Plans

P4M4 Search Marketing

P4M5 Outreach Marketing

Pillar 4 Your Lead Generation System – What’s It All About?

Pillar 3 was about making sure you

  • have chosen the right market niche or niches,
  • identifying how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and
  • crafting a compelling marketing message,

Pillar 4 is about communicating that message to your prospective customers.

That’s right Pillar 4 looks at how you attract qualified leads from people who can buy what you sell.

This is what is typical thought as marketing.

You’ve probably heard of the 4 Ps of marketing – price, product, promotion and place but I’d prefer you thought about…

The Four Ms of Marketing

If you want to succeed with your marketing, you need to master the four Ms

  1. Mindset – being clear on what you want to achieve, why prospective customers will do what you want and how you will turn it into money.
  2. Message – your USP or Irresistible Offer which we covered in pillar 3 is part of the answer since it gives a compelling reason why choose you over all the other suppliers.But you need to find a way to motivate a possible customer to raise their hands.A classic formula for this is AIDAYou need to attract their ATTENTIONYou need to create INTEREST – by explaining what’s in it for them – and then intensify it to create DESIRE.

    Then you need to move your prospective customer to take ACTION.

    Crafting the message is the art of copywriting and it is one I find fascinating.

    You will find a lot about copyright in Pillar 4 of Your Profit Club.

  3. Market – you need to choose and reach your target market.A great marketing message sent to the wrong market will not result in sales but a good message sent to the people who can buy will.This message to market match is important and the more tightly connected, the more relevant and interesting the message becomes, increasing the chances that it will be read and acted upon.
  4. Media -this is the way that your marketing message is delivered to your target market and should be the final piece of the jigsaw.Unfortunately many small businesses become victims of media based sales people who sell them advertising, websites or telemarketing without focusing on the message and market.This leads to claims that “the Internet doesn’t work in my business” or “Yellow Pages doesn’t work in my business”.Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t because if you don’t have the right message targeted at the right market, the media won’t work.

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