P4M5 Outreach Marketing

Outreach marketing involves waking up potential customers and persuading them to contact you.

Who Is Looking To Buy?

  • Chet Holmes – The Ultimate Sales Machine
    • 3% are looking
    • 7% thinking about it
    • 20% are open to ideas
    • 70% are not interested
  • Outreach is aimed at the top 3 categories who could buy
  • Depends on market

Repetition & Commitment

  • Jay Levinson – see 1 in 3 and it takes 9 contacts to turn a possible into a buyer
  • People warm to the idea – angry old man
  • Life is a moving parade
  • Where in the buying cycle – satisfied, getting ready, ready (Mitch Axelrod)
  • Dan Kennedy 3 step letter (or more)
  • People respond to different types of messages & media

Power Parthenon

The Power Parthenon is a Jay Abraham principle for building your business with multiple sources of leads.

A business which uses one or two ways to attract potential customers is potentially vulnerable.

If you get most of your leads from the Internet, Google could change its algorithm at any time and if your top rankings move back to pages 2 or 3, you will see a huge reduction in the traffic to the website.

Or if you use Pay Per Click to generate interest, you may fall foul of Google’s rules and be banned – I’ve even heard rumours that if you get too good, you may be slapped because Google’s not making the money it should.

The more sources you have for generating leads, the better protected you are if something goes wrong with one or two. It still won’t be nice but your business doesn’t stop overnight.

As you add extra ways to attract customers. you’ll repeat the benefit of repetition from those who see each media option and reach more potential customers who only respond from particular types of marketing.

For example, my business telephone line is registered with the Telephone Preference Service in the UK which should stop telemarketing calls. I either resent the interruption when I’m working or if I’m talking to a client, I get mad at the messages that hint they want to talk to me about my services.

Email me and you’ve got about a second while my spam detector works before I hit the delete key for unsolicited messages.

Send me a letter in the post and you’ve got a chance unless it’s something I know I’m not interested in.

Target Your Prospects – Find Your Starving Crowd

  • Geographic & Demographic
  • Psychographic – attitudes, beliefs, values
  • Create a customer avatar – typical
  • Lists – who are you best suited to serve?
  • Customers – existing & past (look to model)
  • Unconverted leads, email subscribers
  • Compiled lists – B2B > B2C
  • List brokers / SRDS.com
  • New movers & starters

The Basics of Outreach Marketing

  • Do more of what is working well
    • More often
    • To more target prospects
    • Bigger impact
  • Do less – or improve – marketing that isn’t working so well
  • Stop doing marketing that isn’t working at all
  • Start new marketing approaches which have potential
  • Follow up on leads

Basis For Decisions

  • Cost – time, money & effort
    • trial costs, initial cost, ongoing costs
  • Ability to measure results – know or faith?
  • Results – leads, qualified leads, converted leads, quick profit, lifetime profit
  • How quickly can results be generated
  • Reach – how many potential customers will be touched?
  • How well the marketing fits together

Clear Objectives

  • Low involvement – low cost, low risk
    • ATR – Attention, Trial, Repurchase
  • High involvement – high cost, high risk
    • AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
    • Marketing has to work hard
    • Be clear – to sell or to create lead?
    • Sell the next stage
  • “Uninvited pest to welcomed guest” Dan Kennedy

Types of Outreach Marketing

  • Proactive action to attract potential customers
  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Postcards & flyers
  • Telemarketing
  • Publication advertising
  • PR
  • Fusion marketing/JVs
  • Expert status – public speaking

Direct Mail

Why You Should Use Direct Mail

Very targeted, measurable, quick & controllable
Salesmanship in print working 24-7
Dream 100 – repeat contacts with varying media
Generate leads
Prepare the ground for telemarketing
Follow up enquiries
Thank and re-sell, introduce cross-selling
Ask for referrals

Gary Halbert Test

“What would you do if you had to make your next mailing your next mailing work? What if you could only mail one letter, and if you didn’t get a response, you would, quite literally, be beheaded?”
John Carlton “Gun to your head marketing”
Great mindset to “rev up” your inner salesman.

Direct Mail Letters

The best way to deliver a message is with a direct mail letter because you are not restricted to a short message which only tells a tiny proportion of your story.

Read: Direct Mail Letters

Postcard Marketing

To vary things with your target customers, you can send a short, pithy message with a postcard.

It gets around the problem of getting the envelope opened but you may still have delivery problems since the message is clearly commercial.

Read: Postcard Marketing

Advertising In Publications

We covered classified ads in search marketing because buyers will look in the commercial section of the newspaper or magazine.

These advertisements are designed to attract attention from readers while they are consuming the main content in the publication – the news stories or the articles.

Read: Newspaper & Magazine Advertising

Public Relations & Press Releases

When you are paying for your marketing message to be delivered, you have complete control… but it is expensive.

PR trades the control for getting free publicity because you’ve provided a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV journalist with a story.

In fact PR now includes promoting through popular blogs that are read by your target market. I get several stories each day to be featured on my Business Coaching blog although they are rarely used.

Read: Public Relations & Press Releases


If you are time rich but cash poor, telemarketing can be an effective way to generate a few leads and appointments to get your business started.

It’s tough… no doubt about that and you’ll need a thick skin as it is probably the most intrusive form of marketing with the exception of being a door to door salesperson.

You don’t want to appear too polished but you do want to be professional. And the more you can do to keep the noise down your end, the less it sounds like a call centre on the line and more a normal conversation.

Read: Telemarketing

I know lots of small business owners who draw the line before telemarketing and won’t consider it.

First there is a huge difference between cold-calling and following up. If someone has raised their hands as interested, a chat on the telephone is the next best thing to a personal visit and much better on your time.

Second, you can outsource your telemarketing so you don’t hear the rejections, insults and kickbacks personally. Some people love the challenge and don’t take the rejection personally.

Joint Venture or Fusion Marketing

If you are finding it difficult to gain access to your target customers, why not ride on the back of existing relationships?

Your ideal customers buy from other other products and services from other businesses which have a loose connection to you.

As an example think lawyers, accountants and financial advisors.

Read: Joint Ventures

Promoting Your Expert Authority

It can take a lot of effort to become established, but being seen as the expert or go-to guy is a great position to have.

It’s a more subtle marketing approach to the other outreach approaches.

Read: Be The Expert

What To Do

  • Assess your current outreach marketing activities – number of leads, cost per lead and cost per customer (converted lead)
  • Apply the more, less, stop thinking – what’s good that you should do more, what’s bad and should be abandoned, what’s OK but can be improved?
  • What new outreach activities can you start?
  • Create your 7 step marketing plans to get your thinking straight and create a marketing campaign which will work.

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