P5M1 Intro To Lead Conversion

Pillar 5 focuses on the essential topic of lead conversion and how to turn interested prospects into paying customers.

Which Option Do You Want?

  • A battle? Salesperson versus Buyer, each trying to get the better of each other?
  • If the Buyer buys, the salesperson wins but the buyer may lose?
  • A relationship based on win-win? Salesperson and buyer on the same side trying to find the best solution?
  • If the Buyer buys, both win?
  • Buyers always want to pay a lower price

What’s Included In The Lead Conversion Module

  • The buying cycle & process
  • The selling process
  • Websites & follow up
  • Hidden Profits Bonuses
    • Persuasion & communication
    • Negotiating

Profit From Increasing Conversion Rates

  • 1,000 leads, 10% converted, £1000 sale, 40% contribution, £25k fixed costs
  • Sales £100k (1000 x 10%)
  • Contribution £40k (100 *40%)
  • Profit £15k (40-25)
  • If Conversion increases to 20%
  • Sales & contribution double
  • Profit £55k (80-25) – Increase of 267%

Show Me The Money

  • If you’ve been through Pillar 1 on Your Key Numbers, you should know how many leads you get and your conversion rate.
  • Double Your Profit – what assumption did you make on lead conversion when you worked out your preferred way to double your profit?
  • What happens if you double your lead conversion? I am assuming you don’t convert 4o to 50% of leads into customers.
  • Set your goal – what do you commit to achieving with lead conversion?

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