P7M1 Lead Your Team

You may initially think I’ve gone all soft and cuddly in this Pillar of the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity and especially with a full title of:

Introduction to Leading Your Team: How To Give More To Get More From Your Employees, Outsource Contractors & Suppliers

Fear not. A leopard can’t change its spots.

What Is A Leader?

Someone who persuades other people to work together to achieve an important shared purpose or objective.
Reluctance to use the term – boss, manager.
Anyone is a leader if they have management responsibility or the ability to influence others towards a common goal.
Plane crash – pilot, doctor, survival expert
TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves Miracles

Why You Have Employees

The purpose of employees is to service your customers so well they are happy to keep buying and so help you make a big profit.
Employees serve customers – you build the team, design the systems and support your employees so they can do a great job.
Any employee who doesn’t contribute to increasing your profit in some way (generating revenue or saving cost), is an employee you shouldn’t have.

Three Men In A Quarry

Three workers in a quarry were asked what they were doing
“I’m breaking rocks” said the first
“I’m making construction products” said the second
“I’m helping to build a cathedral” said the third
One had real purpose but for the others, work was just a way to earn a living.
Do your employees work with a purpose?

Theory X and Y

Two views on working Douglas McGregor 1960
Theory X
The average person dislikes work, wants no responsibility, does not care about business, resists change, only works for money
Theory Y
The average person will find work satisfying under the right conditions as it leads to higher self esteem and personal fulfilment
Self fulfilling prophecy for Theory X

Key Factors In Leadership

The overall situation of your business – Titanic
The importance of getting the job done
The importance of looking after your team
The competence and commitment of your team members
Effective leaders change their leadership style to fit the situation intuitively & deliberately

What Type Of Leader Do You Want To Be?

What do you think your team would say about you and your business? (be realistic)
The good, loyal performers
The new starters
The strugglers
What do you want your team to say about you and your business?
Where are the gaps?
Don’t ask yet – danger of false positives

What We Will Cover

Supporting your followers – you help them to help your customers (and that helps you to make more money)
Getting more from your team members – setting goals, feedback and motivating rewards
Recruiting new team members – how to bring in successful employees rather than problem employees

Show Me The Money

The long way is to go through each of your team members, identify profit actions, current performance and set goals. Then work out the extra profit.
The short way is to total up your payroll costs and calculate what 10% or 20% of that total is to represent your profit goal from this section

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