To help you to find your way around Your Profit Club, I have created a Master Index.

I haven’t tried to be cute with the titles – this is about helping you to find the stuff you want as quickly as possible. That’s why I’ve included guest experts under their first and surnames.

The order is:

  • Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity
  • Hidden Profits
  • Subject Index

Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity

Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers

P1M1 Introduction to Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers

P1M2 What Is Profit?

P1M3 How Profit Is Calculated

P1M4 Four Ways To Increase Profit

P1M5 Your Profit Drivers

P1M6 From Profit To Cashflow

P1M7 Other Performance Measures


Pillar 2 Your Inner Game

P2M1 Introduction to Your Inner Game

P2M2 Your Work Life Balance

P2M3 Your Mindset & Beliefs

P2M4Your Goals

P2M5 Working To Your Strengths

P2M6 How To Set Priorities

P2M7 Manage Your Time


Pillar 3 Your Market Position

P3M1 Introduction To Your Market Position

P3M2 The External Environment

P3M3 Industry Attractiveness

P3M4 Customers and Competitors

P3M5 Positioning with Customer Value

P3M6 Your USP & Irresistible Offer

P3M7 Special Offers


Pillar 4 Your Lead Generation

P4M1 Introduction to Lead Generation

P4M2 Why Marketing Is So Difficult

P4M3 Your Marketing Plans

P4M4 Search Marketing

P4M5 Outreach Marketing


Pillar 5 Your Lead Conversion

P5M1 Introduction to Lead Conversion

P5M2 The Buying Cycle

P5M3 Your Selling Process

P5M4 Websites & Email Marketing


Pillar6 Your Revenue Regeneration

P6M1 More Sales To Customers

P6M2 Customers Buy More Often

P6M3 Increasing Customer Spend

P6M4 Customer Loyalty


Pillar 7 Your Winning Team

P7M1 Lead Your Team

P7M2 Supporting Your Followers

P7M3 Getting More From Your Team

P7M4 Recruiting Your Team


Pillar 8 Your Business Systems

P8M1 Why Systems Are Important

P8M2 How To Create & Improve Systems & Processes

P8M3 The Strategic Approach To Systems

P8M4 Theory Of Constraints


Hidden Profit Modules

Upsells and Cross-sells

Reactivating Old Customers

Charging Higher Prices

Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Through Testing & Measuring

Persuasion and Communication

Customer Referrals

Negotiating Better Deals When You Are Buying And Selling

Constraints And Creative Solutions


Articles (full access for Silver & Gold members – Bronze members should use their dashboard to see which they have access to)

Below are articles that have been pulled out of the main training to give you quick and easy access  to topics that you’ll be looking at regularly.


Accountability Partner

Accounts Receivable: Days Sales Outstanding

Accurate Thinking

Advantage: Competitive

Advantages: Features & Benefits


Advertising: Classified Ads

Advertising: Newspapers & Magazines

Advertising: Pay Per Click

Advertising: Yellow Pages

Ansoff Growth Matrix

Applied Faith


Axelrod, Mitch


Balanced Scorecard

Balance Sheet

Base Case: Preparing

Base Case: Updating

Benefits – Features & Advantages

Break Even Point: An Example

Break Even Point: Calculating Your BEP

Break Even Point: Calculating Your BEP with Percentages

Break Even Point: Moving Annual Totals

Brodie, Ian

Business Owners: Uneasy Relationship With Money

Buyer Power

Buying Process


Carlton, John

Change Management

Cialdini, Robert

Cindy Schulson

Classified Ads

Competition: New Entrants

Competition: Perfect

Competition: Rivalry

Competition: Substitutes

Competitive Advantage

Conformity To Group Norms



Contribution Per Limiting Factor

Conversion Rates

Core Influence

Core Marketing (interview with Lee Duncan)

Cosmic Habit Force

Cost Reduction

Customers: Lifetime Value

Customer Needs – Sales Process

Customer Opportunity Analysis

Customer Pain

Customers: Payment In Advance

Customer Power

Customer: Qualifying

Customer Referrals

Customer Referrals: Ultimate Question

Customer Surveys

Customers: Why Don’t They Buy


Days Sales Oustanding

Death Spiral Of ProfitReversing The Death Spiral

Debtors: Days Sales Outstanding

Decisions: Making Difficult Decisions With Zero Based Thinking

Definiteness of Purpose

Direct Mail

DISC Personality Types

Double Profit

Duncan, Lee



Entrepreneurial Myth

Equivalent Units


Expert, Instant

Expert Status


Features Advantages & Benefits

Financial Control: Benefits

Five Forces

Follow Up Marketing Interview with Ian Brodie


Gleicher’s Formula for Change

Glenn Livingston

Goals: SMART

Goals: Working Back From Your Big Goal (Example)

Going the Extra Mile

Google Adwords

Google, Getting On Page 1 (SEO)

Group Norms

Growth Matrix


Guerrilla Marketing Explained


Hallman, Scott

Hill, Napoleon

Hogan, Kevin

Humer, Spike

Hyper Responsive Marketing


Ian Brodie

Industry Rivalry


Instant Expert

Intellectual Property Rights


Jay Conrad Levinson

Job Tracking

Joe Sugarman

John Carlton

Joint Ventures

Joyner, Mark


Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course (John Carlton) – Silver Bonus

Kevin Hogan


Lauren V. Perez

Law of Attraction

Lead Generation Info Products

Lead Conversion Rates

Lee Duncan

Lemberg, Paul

Levinson, Jay Conrad

Lifetime Value of Customers


Livingston, Glenn


Magazine Advertising

Managing Change

Mark Joyner

Market Cost Of Your Time And Money

Market Surveys

Marketing Triggers

Mastermind Principle

Measurement: Why Focus On Measures

Michael Port

Michael Porter Five Forces

Mitch Axelrod

Money: Business Owners Uneasy Relationship

More Less Stop Start grid


Napoleon Hill

New Entrants To A Market

Newspaper Advertising

Niche – interview with Cindy Schulson

Niche Marketing


Opportunity Cost: Money

Opportunity Cost: Time


Paul Lemberg

Pay Per Click Advertising

Payment In Advance

Perez, Lauren V.

Perfect Competition

Performance Measurement: Balanced Scorecard

Personal Initiative

Personality Types: DISC


Peter Thomson

Pleasing Personality

Port, Michael

Porter’s Five Forces

Positive Mental Attitude

Postcard Marketing

Press Releases

Primary Aim & Strategic Objective

Product Life Cycle

Product Tracking

Product Tracking: Generic

Profit: Accounting Definition

Profit And Loss Account

Profit: Death SpiralReversing The Death Spiral

Profit: Economics Definition

Profit Extraction

Profit Formula

Profit Gaps

Profit: How Much Should You Make?

Profit: How To Double Profit

Profit Point Target

Profit: Three Ways To Make More (Accountants)

Public Relations

Publication Advertising


Qualifying the Customer



Real Income = Contribution


Red Velvet Rope Policy

Reducing Costs


Referral Mistakes

Referrals: Ultimate Question

Resistance to Sales & Marketing

Rich Schefren

Risk Reversal

Robert Cialdini


Sales and Costs

Sales Letters

Sales Pipeline

Sales Presentations to Groups

Sales Process: Clarify Offer & Handle Objections

Sales Process: Closing

Sales Process: Customer Needs

Sales Process: Follow Up

Sales Process: Get Paid

Sales Process: Proposals

Sales Process: Qualifying

Sales Process: Rapport


Schefren, Rich

Schulson, Cindy

Scott Hallman

Search Engine Optimisation

Self Discipline

Selling Skills For Reluctant Sales People (Interview with Mitch Axelrod)


Spike Humer

Social Proof

Stop Start More Less Grid

Strategic Environments Matrix

Strategic Objective & Primary Aim

Strategy of Preeminence


Success: What Is It?

Sugarman, Joe

Joe Sugarman Triggers

Supplier Power


Telephone Marketing

Think & Grow Rich

Three Ways To Grow A Business

Three Ways To Make More Profit (Accountants)

Trade Shows

Traffic Generation: Websites

Triggers Joe Sugarman

Turnarounds with Spike Humer


Ultimate Question


Website: Traffic Generation

What If Analysis

Win / Loss Analysis

Work / Life Balance: Drawing

Written Proposals


Yellow Pages Advertising


Zero Based Thinking

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