I really am a bit of a geek or nerd when it comes to business. I’m addicted to listening to, watching and reading about business.

Your Profit Club and the Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity is the results of thousands of hours of study and a fortune spent.

Here are my favourites if you want to dip deeper into an idea or guru. I have used affiliate links so if you take up my recommendations I will earn a small commission.

They are not in any order of preference.

Jay Abraham (Marketing & Profit Optimisation)

Book –¬†Getting Everything You Can From Everything You’ve Got ( or

Audio CDs – Mastermind Marketing System (Nightingale Conant)

Michael Gerber (Small Business Success)

I think it was Michael Gerber who first talked about working ON your business as well as working In your business.

Book – The E Myth Revisited

( or

The writing is a bit sloppy but the underlying message is very strong.


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