Bronze Member Selected Articles

As a bronze member of Your Profit Club, I want to give you access to some of the articles the Silver and Gold members get although what you don’t have is the articles presented as a step-by-step system to double your profit.

Your Bronze Member Articles

I’ll be adding more articles from each Pillar to give you help across the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity.

Please bear with me because I’m focusing on getting the content written for the paying members and then I’ll be stripping out sections for you to sample for free.

Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers

Why Focus On Measures

The Opportunity Cost Of Your Time

The Death Spiral Of Profit

Sales And Costs – A Key Lesson In The Drivers Of Profit

Calculating The Break Even Point

Reducing Costs

Net Present Value Method of Investment AppraisalNEW

Financial PaybackNEW

How To Double Your ProfitNEW

The Four Ways To Increase Profit ModelNEW

Monitoring Your Business With Equivalent UnitsNEW

Calculating The Lifetime Value Of CustomersNEW

Pillar 2 – Your Inner Game

The Entrepreneurial MythNEW (I you don’t know Michael Gerber’s ideas, then this will get you thinking)

Martin Luther King I Have A DreamNEW (An example of a powerful vision)


Your Way To Create ChangeNEW

Pillar 3 – Your Strategic Market Position

Features Advantages & Benefits Make Your Selling FABNEW (This is also relevant to Pillar 5 Your Lead Conversion Process)

Finding Your Market NicheNEW

Pillar 4 – Your Lead Generation Systems

Yellow Pages AdvertisingNEW

Creating Curiosity For Headlines & Subject LinesNEW

Pillar 8 – Your Systems & Processes


General Tips

Zero Based Thinking – A Great Way To Face Difficult Decisions

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