How To Cancel

I believe in full transparency and while I obviously don’t want you to cancel, I want you to know that you can cancel, easily and quickly.

There are three things you need to read:

  1. What to do if you don’t want to renew your membership
  2. What to do if you want a refund – available in the first 60 days
  3. Three reasons why you shouldn’t cancel your membership

1 – If You Don’t Want To Renew Membership Of Your Profit Club

When you paid to join Your Profit Club, you joined for a fixed term – three months, six months or twelve months.

Your membership will be automatically renewed through PayPal.

If you don’t want this to happen, then unlike paying by credit cards, you have the ability to stop future payments directly through your PayPal account.

Here are links to the PayPal website which explain exactly how the system works:

What Are Subscriptions And How Do They Work

How Do I Cancel An Automatic Payment?

PayPal automatically links back to my membership software and you will lose access to the information included in Your Profit Club when your subscription expires.

2 – If You Ask For A Refund

My 1,000% Guarantee – if you don’t believe the information in Your Profit Club will help you to increase your profit by at least ten times what it costs to join – that’s a 1,000% return on your investment, you can claim your money back through PayPal.

This is how a refund through PayPal works:

PayPal Refunds – the link takes you to the PayPal site so you can see the up-to-date way that refunds are processed – note it is written from the sellers perspective.

Please note that according to PayPal, it can take up to a thirty days if you paid by credit card through PayPal before the money will appear back on your statement.

PayPal automatically links back to my membership software and you will lose access to the information available in Your Profit Club when your membership is cancelled.

3 – 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Membership

  1. You will miss out on a lot of great information which will be added to Your Profit Club. My aim is to create the low cost definitive guide for small business owners to increasing profit.
  2. You will miss the bonuses which will be made available to members.
  3. You will lose the ability to lock in the lowest ever membership fees. Provided you left in good standing and you haven’t been blacklisted, you will be welcomed back at any time BUT, the membership is likely to be much higher.

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