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You’ve made a wise choice and you are on your way to understanding finance and identifying the key drivers of your performance which will lead to more profit and cash.

Pillar 1 – Your Key Numbers

In Pillar 1 of my Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity, you have access to seven training modules:

P1M1 Introduction to Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers

P1M2 What Is Profit?

P1M3 How Profit Is Calculated

P1M4 Four Ways To Increase Profit

P1M5 Your Profit Drivers

P1M6 From Profit To Cashflow

P1M7 Other Performance Measures

Each model builds on what was covered before it so I recommend you start with module 1 and work systematically through to the end.

PreLaunch Content For Your Profit Club

You have access to one of the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity which is my guide for helping small businesses to double profit in the next 12 months.

During my prelaunch stage, I am releasing sample content so you can see for yourself the quality of the training available.

Customer Referrals

Getting On Page One Of Google With Search Engine Optimisation

Check Out Your Profit Club Forum

I recommend you get into the habit of regularly checking the forum which is free to all members.

Click to visit the Forum

It gives you the chance to ask questions of me and the other members of Your Profit Club.

It also has news of the best resources I find for increasing sales and profits in a small business but you’re likely to miss out if you don’t check.

Bronze Member Bonuses

You are getting premium content with Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers which is only otherwise available to those who join as a Silver member.

There is a free Bronze level of membership with some bonus reports to help your marketing and sales in particular and you can download these reports at:

Bronze Bonuses

Tell Me About Any Problems

When you are working through Pillar 1 on Your Key Numbers, you will find two types of links:

Read: Accounts Receivable: Days Sales Outstanding

This is a key part of your training and you should have access to it (let me know if you don’t by commenting on the page or emailing paul@plancs.co.uk)

These are on separate pages to make it easier for you to refer back to them in future which brings me on to the second type of links which are embedded in the sentence. These are not a core element of the training but the link is provided for convenience – depending on your membership level, you may or may not have access.

E.g. While you are interested in the traffic you generate to your website through search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising and even by your overall Alexa ranking, these measures are only means to the end of making money so if you choose visitors as a key measure, you need to balance it with profit contribution per visitor or revenue per visitor.

These links refer to content which belongs to Pillar 4 Your Lead Generation System and unless you have access, you will be blocked. If you want access, I recommend that you upgrade.

To Your Success

Paul Simister

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