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Welcome to Pillar 2 Your Inner Game of my Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity

In this series of modules the focus is on you:

  • What you want from the business
  • What you will give back in return

I firmly believe that for the enlightened business owner, the business exists to serve the owner.

Unfortunately what I often see is the other way – a business owner who has become a slave to the business.

The modules included in Pillar 2 Your Inner Game are:

  1. Introduction To Your Inner Game
  2. Your Work Life Balance
  3. Your Mindset & Beliefs
  4. Your Goals
  5. Working To Your Strengths
  6. How To Set Your Priorities
  7. Manage Your Time

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As well as the Pillar 2 inner Game content, you have access to Bronze level membership across the website.

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The Other Pillars Of Business Prosperity

Your Inner Game is one of the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity and you can gain full access to my business development system by joining Your Profit Club as a full silver member and receive various big name bonuses.

Please Take Part In Your Profit Club Forum

The more you get involved in Your Profit Club, the more you will get from it.

You will see the core content is excellent and I encourage you to add your own comments, tips and stories to share with other members.

I also encourage you to take part in the forum where you can tell members about your own ideas and comment on the discussions.

I am a big believer in the mastermind principle of sharing ideas and whilst I run small group masterminds, I also see Your Profit Club as having the ability to become a big mastermind where business owners can share best practice ideas with each other.

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