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Thank you again for your attention and joining Your Profit Club as a Bronze member. (Many people were kind to leave comments on the original welcome page – I do reply.)

On this page:

  • What you get as a Bronze Member of Your Profit Club
  • Upgrading to Silver Membership and beyond
  • Recommending Your Profit Club to other small business owners

What You Get As A Bronze Member

Your Bronze membership entitles you to:

  • Top level summary access to the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity, my business development and coaching model – just select from the top menu.
  • Full membership of the Your Profit Club Forum so you can ask and answer questions of your fellow members. It also keeps you up-to-date with the extras that I am giving you. Keep an eye on the Bonuses, Extra Interviews and Great Free Resources section of the forum in particular if you don’t want to miss something that is only available to limited numbers or for a short period of time.
  • A copy of my Business Assessment – I use this with prospective one-to-one coaching clients to help focus on the issues in the business and what they want to achieve.  I’m told that it is a very useful exercise.
  • Recorded interviews with guest experts by me and others. I’m sharing the best of what I find elsewhere.

One interview I believe you must hear is Tony Robbins grilling marketing genius Jay Abraham on his sales and profit optimisation strategies. You’ll find details in the Forum – Jay Abraham – and you can get it for free.

Your Bonus Modules

I am in the pre-launch stage to open up Your Profit Club to paying members.

That means I’m planning to share some great content, starting with:

Customer Referrals – this is one of eight Hidden Profit modules and is a comprehensive guide to the process of getting more referrals from customers. I promise I won’t remove access until after Friday June 18th 2010.

Get On Page One Of Google With Search Engine Optimisation – I reveal my secrets of how I get my coaching website, my Business Coaching blog and my affiliate marketing blog Online Profits to rank so well in Google.

Creating Customers From Your Website – traffic is nice but what really matters is turning the brief encounter into into a long term relationship which makes you money.

Upgrading to Silver Membership

The earlier you upgrade to silver membership, the lower the price you lock in for your annual subscription.

I am lining up some superstar bonuses for those who do upgrade.

You can upgrade now or wait for the email warning you that the price will increase.

Please Recommend Your Profit Club To Other Small Business Owners

The more members of Your Profit Club – and in particular the more paying members – the more I can commit my time to bringing you the best business growth and profit building tips.

Please help me by recommending Your Profit Club to others who you’d like to see grow and have better businesses.

If You Like Your Profit Club, Then So Will Other Business Owners You Know

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a referral link to promote your site?


  2. Annie

    Please send people to the free Bronze registration page

    I’ve just changed my copy on it and realised that I can use my very limited html skills on it.

    Thanks for your help. The more members we can get, the better Your Profit Club becomes for everybody.

  3. I’m very happy to get this chance to join the club.

  4. Hi Paul

    I am in Malaysia , please advice me how do we benefit from this program and can we work together to localise your program or club

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