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This is going to be an exciting  journey.

My aim is to help you to double your profits in the next eight to twelve months.

What’s on this page:

  • How to hit the ground running
  • Links to the main modules
  • Your silver membership bonuses
  • Help me help you
  • Working with an accountability partner
  • Using the Forum to network and get extra help

One interview I believe you must hear is Tony Robbins grilling marketing genius Jay Abraham on his sales and profit optimisation strategies. You’ll find details in the Forum – Jay Abraham – and you can get it for free.

If you like what you see, then please recommend Your Profit Club to other small business owners you’d like to see succeed.

How To Hit The Ground Running

We’ve got a lot to do so it’s essential that you start right.

  1. Complete your Business Assessment
  2. Double Your Profit – how to make best use of the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity.
  3. Learn to funnel the best ideas to “steal”
  4. Using SMART goals to create steady improvement – a 2% weekly improvement doubles your profit in just 40 weeks
  5. Using the Stop Start More Less Grid to help you to focus and prevent overload.

Links to the Main Modules

I am still expanding on my PowerPoint slides I have used with my coaching clients so please bear with me while I load in the content.

If you have a particular need, email me at and I’ll prioritise the section you want.

If you get lost while you are in the site, I recommend you go to the Index. The link is in the menu structure at the top of the page.

Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity

Pillar 1 – Your Key Numbers

Pillar 2 – Your Inner Game

Pillar 3 – Your Market Position

Pillar 4 – Your Lead Generation

Pillar 5 – Your Lead Conversion

Pillar 6 – Your Revenue Regeneration

Pillar 7 – Your Winning Team

Pillar 8 – Your Business Systems

Each of these main areas are broken down into a series of modules and each module may have a series of specialised articles linked to it.

Where it says “Read: SMART Goals“, this is a core part of the course which is on a separate page so I can link to it from elsewhere.

If it is a link from within the normal text, e.g. “First you need to set your goals and then you need to decide which to focus on achieving first”, then this link is for your convenience if you want to refresh your memory on the concept.

Hidden Profits

Your Silver Membership Bonuses

You will have access to a wide range of specialist reports (currently having difficulty embedding the code into WordPress).

During the year I will be sending out links to extra bonuses to top up your knowledge.

Please Help Me Help You

There are two main ways you can help me to help you.

The first is to recommend membership of Your Profit Club to other small business owners.

The more members of Your Profit Club – and in particular the more paying members – the more I can commit my time to bringing you the best business growth and profit building tips.

Please help me by recommending Your Profit Club to others who you’d like to see grow and have better businesses.

Second I thrive on feedback.

If you like what you see, tell others and let me have a testimonial. I’d love to hear about your success.

More importantly, if you work through the Pillars and modules and there is anything you don’t understand or you’re not sure how it can apply to your situation, let me know by posting a comment on the relevant page.

I’m planning to share lots of applications and examples of these techniques with you – and I’d encourage you to do it as well.

If you see or do something that works really well, then please share it with the other members of Your Profit Club

If you want me to go deeper into topics, then I want to hear that feedback.

I’m very happy to apply the American college class system of different layers depending on how much you want to know. I just don’t want to overwhelm anyone in the main program who sees lots of stuff that isn’t relevant.

If there’s something that you want to know but can’t find, again let me know by leaving a comment at Suggestions

Working With An Accountability Partner

I will be offering one to one coaching, group coaching and mastermind group opportunities to members of Your Profit Club for additional fees.

I believe in working with someone else to help keep you focused and accountable and I recommend you use the Forum to find an accountability partner.

Or encourage an existing friend to join so he or she has access to the same business building systems and work together.

For more information read Accountability Partners

Using The Forum For Extra Help

Included in Your Profit Club is a members forum. This can’t be accessed from outside the club and it is intended to be a nice, supportive place to ask questions and to share ideas.

The more you take part and help other members, the more they are likely to help you.

Keep an eye on the Bonuses, Extra Interviews and Great Free Resources section of the forum in particular if you don’t want to miss something that is only available to limited numbers or for a short period of time.

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